Increase revenue by 80% with AI-based discounts

Moonship, a machine learning app for Shopify stores, monitors visitors who are about to make a purchase but need a little push. The app then delivers a personalized discount offer to this visitor to increase the chances of conversion.

Loved and used by top DTC brands across the globe

It takes less than 2 mins to launch a Moonship offer

Unlike other apps, Moonship does everything automatically—no exaggeration. You just set up the discount you want to offer, and the app (and its powerful AI) takes care of the rest.

Install the app from Shopify app store

Customize the pop-up branding

Set the offer percentage and launch

Shopify brands.
Rejoice—AI-based discounts are here

A one-click install can dramatically change your business’s course. Install Moonship and experience the difference.

Nudge your visitors

97% of your site visitors don't convert. Using contextual offers, Moonship leverages this gap, resulting in sales.

Advanced algorithm

Your site visitors receive personalized discounts based on demographics, timing, location, on-site behavior, and shop information. To put it another way, offers that result in sales.

Keep it on-brand

Moonship aligns with your brand style. Customize the discount pop-up the way you want.

The UI is annoyingly simple

Moonship takes less than 5 mins to install and set up an offer. Once you do, sit back and watch as sales flow in.

Our customers have (great) things to say

We saw results within the first week of installation, but after 30 days of use, Moonship Referral traffic continues to be our most qualified traffic across all metrics, including time on page, pages per session, and most importantly CVR. It now has a permanent home in our stack.

Aura Bora

Awesome! This app is a great choice for giveaway needs. I really like it, it is all easy to use for me.

Hello LA Girl

The company and its support team were able to help me in setting up this app for my store, and I appreciate all the assistance they provided.

Old Whippersnapper

Seeing great results with Moonship, and the folks behind it are top notch! Great support and continually improving the app.

Gumball Poodle

We added Moonship to our Shopify store three months ago and couldn’t be happier with the product and Moonship’s support. The bottom line is our A/B testing shows a 20%+ lift in revenue for the portion of traffic seeing Moonship. It’s incredibly fast and easy to implement, and managing it once it’s running is even easier. Hands down, Moonship is the most cost-effective and efficient sales tool we use.

Omiana Beauty

Within <2 weeks of using this app, I’d say about 20% of our total sales have come from Moonship. Just install, and boom – SALES. They also have an amazing support team that replies in minutes. Y’all have to try this app. It converts. It works. It’s magical.


Don’t leave dollars on the table—Moonship helps you add thousands in revenue every day